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Thursday, November 16

5:00pm PST

The Legends of Twitter and Beyond: Real-World Architectures at Scale
For the first time in history, we bring you the top engineers who built storage, cluster management, RPC stacks, and engineering glue to run the largest OSS-based stacks at Twitter and more.  The majority of the panelists started leading engineering companies based on their favorite place in the stack.

avatar for Helena Edelson

Helena Edelson

CEO, The Axis Initiative
Helena is using AI and complex adaptive systems to study and help endangered species under climate change, biodiversity loss, human-wildlife conflict and illegal wildlife trade. Bridging academia and industry, she is a member of the Environmental Intelligence team of the Interagency... Read More →
avatar for Marius Eriksen

Marius Eriksen

infrastructure-infrastructure engineer, Grail
Marius is the author of such ideas as Finagle, Zipkin, Your Server is a Function, and many others.
avatar for Ben Hindman

Ben Hindman

Mesosphere Founder - Apache Mesos Co-Creator, Mesosphere
Ben is one of the creators of Apache Mesos, a platform for building and running resource-efficient distributed systems at scale. Ben started working on Mesos as a PhD student at Berkeley before he brought it to Twitter where it runs on thousands of machines. An academic at heart... Read More →
avatar for Mark McBride

Mark McBride

Founder and CEO, Turbine Labs, Inc
avatar for William Morgan

William Morgan

CEO, Buoyant
William Morgan is the CEO of Buoyant. Prior to founding Buoyant, he was an infrastructure engineer at Twitter, where he ran several teams building on product-facing backend infrastructure. He has worked at Powerset, Microsoft, adap.tv, and MITRE Corp, and has been contributing to... Read More →
avatar for Evan Weaver

Evan Weaver

CEO, Fauna
Evan is cofounder and CEO of Fauna, makers of FaunaDB, the first adaptive operational database. FaunaDB was inspired by Evan's experience leading the team that scaled Twitter, where he was Director of Infrastructure and employee #15.

Thursday November 16, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm PST
Friday, November 17

5:00pm PST

Functional Programming for Machine Learning
Functional Programming is the next frontier in Machine Learning.  We see a reamandous uptick in using Scala, Haskell, Rust, and other FP languages for ML/AI, and we start learning best practices.  How does FP help scale ML?  What is it about the common proximity to math and physics that so many folks in the space share?  How does FP help in designing, building, and deploying AI, whatever it will become?  These are the topics of this panel, moderated by Vitaly Gordon, VP Data Engineering and Data Science, Salesorce Einstein, himself a hands-on FP+ML developer and speaker at both Scala and AI By the Bay.

avatar for Vitaly Gordon

Vitaly Gordon

VP of Engineering and Data Science, Salesforce Einstein
VP of Engineering and Data Science at Salesforce Einstein

avatar for David Andrzejewski

David Andrzejewski

Engineering, Sumo Logic
David Andrzejewski is a Senior Engineering Manager at Sumo Logic, where he works on applying statistical modeling and analysis techniques to machine data such as logs and metrics. He also co-organizes the SF Bay Area Machine Learning meetup group. David holds a PhD in Computer Sciences... Read More →
avatar for Oscar Boykin

Oscar Boykin

Machine Learning Infrastructure, Stripe
Oscar is the creating of Scalding, Summingbird, and Algebird, and is an overall professor and mathematician turned software magician.
avatar for Justin Coffey

Justin Coffey

Engineer, Criteo
Justin Coffey is an engineering director in the SRE department of Criteo where he has led efforts in building out much of Criteo's data processing platform. In past lives he has built ecommerce, emailing and real estate platforms. He got his start in the industry way back in 1996... Read More →
avatar for Ajeet Grewal

Ajeet Grewal

Sr. Manager, Twitter
avatar for Leah McGuire

Leah McGuire

Principal Member of Technical Staff, Salesforce
Leah McGuire is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Salesforce, working on automating as many of the steps involved in machine learning as possible. Before joining Salesforce, Leah was a Senior Data Scientist on the data products team at LinkedIn. She completed a PhD and a Postdoctoral... Read More →
avatar for Chris McKinlay

Chris McKinlay

Director of Engineering, Takt
Machine learning in Haskell!

Friday November 17, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm PST
Saturday, November 18

5:00pm PST

The Fun of Functional Programming
This panel will close the conference by exploring the root cause -- why are we doing all of this, and what about Functional Porgramming makes it such fun?  What drives innovation, rigor, why are we insisting it all be done this way, and what makes us tick?

avatar for Dick Wall

Dick Wall

Scala Community Guy
Dick founded the Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts (BASE)— One of the first Scala user groups. Dick is also the first recipient of the Phil Bagwell Memorial Scala Community Award. He is a committer on several Scala open source projects and creator of SubCut - a dependency injection... Read More →

avatar for John A. De Goes

John A. De Goes

Solution Architect, De Goes Consulting
John A. De Goes has been writing Scala software for more than eight years at multiple companies, and has assembled world-renowned Scala engineering teams, trained new developers in Scala, and developed several successful open source Scala projects.Known for his ability to take very... Read More →
avatar for Stew O'Connor

Stew O'Connor

Stew O'Connor learned about then quickly became addicted to Scala about 3 years ago, and was drawn right to the pure functional programming endeavors in Scala, he made many contributions to the scalaz library, and now is one of the primary contributors to the Cats library. He works... Read More →
avatar for Michael Pilquist

Michael Pilquist

Distinguished Engineer, Comcast
Michael Pilquist is the author of Scodec, a suite of open source Scala libraries for working with binary data, and Simulacrum, a library that simplifies working with type classes. He is a committer/maintainer on a number of other projects in the Scala ecosystem, including Cats and... Read More →
avatar for Julie Pitt

Julie Pitt

Director, Machine Learning Infrastructure, Netflix
Julie leads the Machine Learning Infrastructure at Netflix, with the goal of scaling Data Science while increasing innovation. She previously built streaming infrastructure behind the "play" button while Netflix was transitioning from domestic DVD-by-mail service to international... Read More →
avatar for Bill Venners

Bill Venners

Principal, Artima
Bill Venners is president of Artima, Inc., publisher of Scala consulting, training, books, and developer tools. He is the lead developer and designer of ScalaTest, an open source testing tool for Scala and Java developers, and Scalactic, a library of utilities related to quality... Read More →

Saturday November 18, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm PST